3rd grade spelling words

names, named, naming, hopes, hoped, hoping, dances, danced, dancing, drops, dropped, dropping, wraps, wrapped, wrapping

Review Words: airplane, someone, newspaper

Challenge Words: driving, traded

Word for the week of March 2-6

tires, tired, trying, dries, dried, drying, hurries, hurried, hurrying, studies, studied, studying, plays, played, playing

Review Words: dances, hoping, wrapping

Challenge Words: obeyed, worrying

Mrs. Ashley Buysse

3rd & 4th Grades


 4TH GRADE spelling words

river, level, never, talent, radar, limit, diver, finish, famous, spoken, cabin, wiper, habit, bison, cider, stolen, promise, razor, pity, easel

Review Words:  swallow, plastic, rumbles

Challenge Words: sequence, vivid

Words for the week of March 2-6

airfare, staircase, between, persuade, discount,

compound, beneath, sleepless, oatmeal, eighteen,

baboon, mermaid, trainer, repeat, approach, afloat,

defeat, reveal, increase, domain

Review Words: diver, finish, spoken

Challenge Words: employee, reindeer

Class schedule

Monday-Friday unless otherwise marked

8-8:15 Arrival/Announcements

8:15-8:30 Attendance/Prayer/Pledge

8:30-9:10 Language Arts/AR

9:10-9:15 Bathroom Break

9:15-10 Language Arts/AR

10-11 Math/AM

11-11:25 Writing M/T/TH, Art W,Library F

11:25-11:32 Bathroom Break/Prayer

11:30-12:30 Lunch/Recess

12:30-1:05 Phy Ed M/W, Tech T/TH,Teacher Choice F

1:05-2 Social Studies M/W/F, Science T/TH

2-2:45 Spelling M/W/F test, Religion T/TH

2:20-2:45 Religion M/W.F, Music T/TH

2:45-3 EOD Activity/Prayer/Pack up & Dismiss

Upcoming Events

& reminders 

* February is "I Love to Read" Month.  Thursday mornings at 8:30 the whole school will read in the hallway for 20 minutes.

* 19 - Pennies for Patients ENDS.  We made our goal and raised $290.59!  Thanks to all who donated.

* Masses will be on Wednesdays during lent.

* March 4 Greenwood Nursery Certificate Sales start.

* Please remember to dress your child for the weather!

* * Please make sure your child is reading at home to meet their AR Goal!  Midterm is Wednesday.

* * Third grade should practice their multiplication flash cards each night!

* *  Everyone should be practicing their states and capitals!

* Please make sure your child is having you sign their planner each night!  If they have a signature for each day of the week, they earn a computer pass!  Thank You!